Manila Streetwear Cycle 3 is on! This season, Jeffrey Rogador’s army of “Real People” will come together as one promoting the advocacy on INTERDEPENDENCE and INCLUSION!

The main goal of Manila Streetwear Cycle 3 is to spread awareness and give life to “INTERDEPENDENCE”. That is people helping people for everyone to slowly move forward on this Covid-19 crisis, promoting not just local and community based products but to also support the livelihood of people who makes the clothing garments.

The advocacy on “INCLUSION” has always been the trust of designer Jeffrey Rogador’s Manila Streetwear. The platform is always shared to everyone regardless of their age, gender, size, religion or color. True to its advocacy, on its third year, Manila Streetwear yet again gathers Real People as runway and campaign models from all walks of life.

Stay tuned as selected 100 real people models from over 300 applicants strut and promote Manila Streetwear on digital platforms!


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