A FIRST: AERIAN NanoSilver Wearables

Now here’s a first! The first local face mask produced that combines cutting-edge nanosilver technology with the  signature style sensibilities of seasoned fashion designer Albert Andrada bringing the Aerian Essentials protective wearable concept to life.

These stylish protective wearables feature patented nCamM™ Technology that helps instantly kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, they are also washable and reusable. The nCamM™ layer was developed with a patented technology that chemically bonds nano silver particles to cloth. These nano silver particles are only 5 nanometers in size which is smaller than the average virus, giving it the ability to actively kill viruses.

Protect yourself and others, get yours now while supplies last, check out:

Website: http://www.aerianessentials.com

Shopee: shopee.ph/aerianessentials

With several colors and sizes to choose from at Php 799.


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