Lockdown Style No.3

Black has always been part of my color style, so for this lockdown style series I had to have an all-black look from top to bottom, and no better color or detail to match it, than the prestige of gold. I think black and gold is always a classic look to jump into, may it be formal, streetwear, casual, minimalist, couture, even with renaissance and futuristic avant garde. When styled right, it captivates an interplay of drama, royal sophistication, and rich allure.

Keeping the silhouette sleek and sharp, I opted for a snug-fit black shirt with a gold feather wings patch detail paired with a plain black tights to match the sporty feel of the accessories with a touch of gold such as the bull cap with harness attached to it, fingerless gloves with gold stitching, and amber eyeglasses. As if the drama wasn’t enough, I’ve put on a black mesh trench coat which I styled around my waist for that tulle skirt illusion.


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