BEST of MENSWEAR from DAY ONE Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 12

Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 12 brought the country’s first ever digital runway show ever since the start of the pandemic more than a year ago with Go Lifestyle Group organizing at helm starting 2020. This is a great opportunity for our local designers, creatives, suppliers, and production teams to reboot the industry and celebrate fashion and innovation.

As always I was not just looking forward for transcending looks to go down the runway, I’m particular with how menswear will perform this fashion reboot year and boy Day One did not disappoint. This season saw 24 designers showcasing their new collections and 18 of them have at least one menswear look on their collection. Another good thing to note is that all the shows from Day One to Five have menswear looks presented. Day One designer line-up is Avel Bacudio, CAMLU, Dodjie Batu, Mark Yaranon, Melvin Lachica, and Win Del Mira.

Here are all the menswear looks from Day One of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 12. Photo credits to Manila Fashion Festival. To watch the video stream, head-over to

AVEL BACUDIO – The Philippine Fashion Olympics

DODJIE BATU – Vente-Singko

MARK YARANON – Rays of Hope

Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 12: A Fashion Reboot had its Premier Launch Streaming last May 31 to June 4, 2021 at at 06:00 PM local time and was then re-run at Manila Fashion Festival Official Facebook Page at 08:00 PM.


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