BEST of MENSWEAR from DAY TWO Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 12

Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 12 has made its breakthrough in staging and streaming a virtual fashion runway show. Having 24 designers showcase their new collections, menswear has earned its rights with a total of 77 looks presented this season, out of the around 281 looks (if my computation is correct haha). That is like equivalent to a one day show this season, this season we saw around five to six designer collections per day with twelve looks, so if you’ll do the math, each day we’re seeing 72 looks, that’s not far from 77.

Anyhow, cheers to my wishful thinking that someday menswear will have a dedicated day or two on a whole week event. Though aesthetic and inclusion-wise, it is also good to spread out the menswear looks…still, the number of looks this season is quite an achievement. Day Two designer line-up is Ann Semblante, Bamba Limon, Dino Lloren, Edgar Buyan, Joshua Guibone, and Ziggy Savella. Another fun fact, this Day Two show saw the most number of menswear looks from a single designer with nine out of eleven looks from the collection, can you give a wild guess which designer? Check out below and find out for yourself!

Here are all the menswear looks from Day Two of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 12. Photo credits to Manila Fashion Festival. To watch the video stream, head-over to

BAMBA LIMON – Out of Africa

EDGAR BUYAN – Another Realm of Paradigm

JOSHUA GUIBONE – Metallic Mutiny

ZIGGY SAVELLA – 10, Year 12

Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 12: A Fashion Reboot had its Premier Launch Streaming last May 31 to June 4, 2021 at at 06:00 PM local time and was then re-run at Manila Fashion Festival Official Facebook Page at 08:00 PM.


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