Designer Spotlight: Kelvin Morales

In his own words, fashion designer Kelvin Morales depicts his Spring/Summer 2022 collection entitled Hazard Blue, a take on an unexpected embroidered modern barong, shorts, and treated denim that stands out to reinforce awareness on waste pollution.

“HAZARD BLUE” it is about future dystopia. At present, I have studied and observed, people are getting genetically deformed because of toxic chemical exposure. I took inspiration from that concept and  translated it through pieces with futuristic tailoring and semi rugged appeal.

This questions our actions as causes of this current pandemic and other calamities we are experiencing. I want to ultimately bring light and consciousness to the toxic waste and pollution brought about by our careless mindset.

Photographer: Joseph Bermúdez
Stylist: Gee Jocson with Stylist Assistant: El Pereira and Gian Chua
3D Print Mask: Royd Santiago
Hair and Make up: Jemore Wilson
Model: Kirk Jason Guillang
Set Design: John Robert Flowers with Set Design Associate: Gab Custodio
Creative Director: Kelvin Morales


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