Lockdown Style No.2

Keeping it clean and simple with a painted white shirt, plain white shorts, white socks, and white shoes, and then topping it off with a wide brim hat and also a wide frame clear eyeglasses to keep it interesting. Though clearly you can see the main highlight of this look, and it is the painted white shirt.

I just used an old acrylic black paint, some old Japanese paint brush, and an old, once used white H&M shirt (you can see some old stubborn make-up stain around the collar area haha). This was my first time to attempt a freehand portrait painting, I had to keep on saying to myself to keep stroking my brush and to do not overthink. Below photo is the WIP wherein I haven’t done shading. You can already spot on disproportions around the forehead and cheek area ahaha..

Below shot is the finished product. I think I did good with the shading but I need to pay more attention to small details like light hitting the eyes or something so as to keep if more realistic. Think I was able to finish it in less than an hour.

I chose my good friend as my inspiration for the portrait painting, you may identify the photo from the Lockdown Style No. 1 blog post.


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